When users open an unknown website to read the news or order a new pair of shoes, they don’t want to wait too long. All these “loading,” “parsing,” and “rendering” take too much time, and it’s fair enough for our customers to want to get only the necessary things.

In this small series of articles we will find out how to split a React app into chunks and load them lazily to speed up project initialization.

One Thick App

Let’s say you have built a web app for your friend’s online shop. It consists of three not so relative parts: a landing page…

It is quite common for websites or apps to allow a user to upload files as a feature or part of a feature. For example, HTML file uploads could be used to allow users to upload avatars, or allow an internal team to upload photos of products to a website or app. In this tutorial we will briefly look at file uploads, and how to set this up in your coding. This tutorial assumes some knowledge and understanding of coding and web development. This post is meant as a brief overview. Let’s get into it!

Luckily for us, HTML provides…

For any healthcare company, not being HIPAA-compliant may lead to embarrassing public incidents as well as hefty fines. However, even if a company doesn’t operate in the healthcare space directly but only acts as a SaaS vendor, chances are they must be HIPAA-compliant too, in order not to exclude a whole segment of potential customers.

So, what is HIPAA compliance? How can you ensure HIPAA compliance for your business? And how can you implement a HIPAA-compliant workflow? You’re about to find out.

What Is HIPAA Compliance?

Short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA is a data protection and information security act…

If you are a Web Developer, you may be wondering how you could resize and rotate images. Well, if you are using JavaScript, you are in luck! Resizing and rotating images is entirely possible using JavaScript. Let’s get into it (by the way, this post assumes you have a basic understanding of coding and web development)!

Resizing Images using JavaScript

The way we’re going to resize an image in our case is going to require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as follows:

<img id="container" src="Your image here"/>
#container {
width: 300px;
height: 300px;
border: 1px solid;
document.querySelector('button').onClick = function() {
const image…


Based on my experience of working with different frameworks in different programming languages, I can say that Developer Experience (DX) is very important when you want to get your creative programming solutions to life. When you get excited by your new project idea, you don’t want to spend hours configuring app bundling, code-splitting or server-side rendering for your new React project. That is where Next.js framework comes in handy to reduce the amount of boilerplate you write and let you focus on delivering real value to your users.

In this brief tutorial, you will find everything you need to take…

HTML5 has brought lots of tools and methods to create web apps that work fast like desktop apps with no page reload. For example, WebSocket lets developers organize bidirectional real-time communication between a client and server to catch events and update states with no traditional requests and responses that take time to refresh the webpage. <audio> lets you play audio files in your browser and control them via Javascript API, and <video> does the same thing with videos. (When that became possible, it became very popular to have a video background on a website.)

Another important thing that HTML5 brought…

If you’re running your website on a WordPress engine and want it to load faster to increase its Google Search ranking, you might’ve thought about WordPress image optimization. When optimized, you can serve images in nextgen formats, such as WebP, compress without noticeable quality loss, and apply better image responsive design algorithms.

Do you need a dedicated WordPress image optimizer? Find out in this article.

WordPress Image Management

If you see branded content that doesn’t come from a brand itself, it’s probably user-generated content, or UGC. In fact, UGC is any type of content — from plain text to images and videos — created by an audience of a brand and published to an online or social network.

There are many articles on how to encourage users to create such content for your brand: get a branded hashtag, run a contest, offer a free trial in return for a testimonial, and so on. In this article, we’re not going to focus on that. We’ll speak about what we’re…

Due to the pandemic, people are hesitant to get back to stores and are more conscious of where, what, and how they consume. Hence, if there were only three words to describe an outstanding retail customer experience in 2021, they would be: omnichannel, personalized, and efficient.

These three ingredients, shaken and not stirred, are the key to success. In this article, we’ll show how to get them right and improve customer experience in your online or brick-and-mortar store.

#1. Craft Smooth Omnichannel Experiences

The number one customer experience trend, according to our recent trends review, is adopting an omnichannel strategy. Though it sounds complex, going…

There are a lot of potential scenarios where you would need to increase the resolutions of multiple images at once. For example, say you’re redesigning your website and need to upscale all your pictures to fit the new design. Or you want to incorporate user-generated content into your site, but the shots provided by the users are too small.

Whatever your situation is, using good old Photoshop for these purposes isn’t an option. It’s a great choice if you need to resize just a few images, but if you have hundreds of them, it’s better to find a way to…


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